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September 14

Cross Lease convert to Freehold

We can convert your cross-lease property to freehold, this form of subdivision was common during the 1980’s as it allowed developers to achieve separate titles for residential in-fill housing.

We are often engaged to undertake correction or rectifications of cross lease titles.  Our consultants can manage everything for you – planning, consenting, surveying, engineering (if necessary) and we have the experience and skills to make the most of your property.

Envivo has completed hundreds of conversions of cross lease to freehold and also updating of deficient cross lease titles, we can provide:

  • Planning – advice, resource consents, Assessment of Enviromental Effects (if needed)
  • Surveying – a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor will prepare a data set for the site, Land Transfer Survey and apply for the 223 and 224(c) certificates, as required
  • Civil Engineering – infrastructure, sewage, water supply, stormwater drainage, earthworks, power and telecommunication services, access, including roading, footpaths, driveways, etc. (again, if required)

We make it easy for you, with in-house Planners, Civil and Structural Engineers, Project Managers and Surveyors along with a great relationship with both Auckland and Christchurch Councils.

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