BCL is committed to creating a better world, to doing our part towards protecting and enhancing the environment that we all share. We are involved in an industry that re-shapes the environment we live in and we are in a position to work with clients towards a better future.Town Planners are essential as part of the land surveying process

Our goal is to strive for better environmental outcomes in all aspects of the business including;

  • In our land development leadership role.
  • In our core office processes.
  • In the equipment and materials we use.


Native Bush and Wetland Protection; we have worked with and encouraged landowners to protect and enhance large areas of bush and wetland. Working with clients and local government to ensure long term protection of features and a greener more sustainable environment with engineering and town planning.

Paperless Office; we have achieved around 80% less paper in our standard files, this is fantastic considering we are surveyors and our core work is producing plans! Much of our output is electronic now including plans and reports

LCD Monitors; all monitors in the office are now low energy LCD monitors.

Light Chassis Vehicle Fleet; our fleet is all light chassis AWD with mainly 2.0 litre engines rather than the traditional large 4WD vehicles, this means huge reduction in fuel burn and maintenance thus a smaller carbon footprint.

Common Rail Diesel; our goal for our fleet is to move towards common rail diesels as we retire the existing fleet, fuel burn will again be significantly reduced.

Reduced Office Footprint; extensive planning and design, shared common areas, and vertical storage has enabled us to work with a much reduced office footprint thus reducing our use of lighting, heating and cooling.

Carbon Sink; some staff have had the privilege of being involved in planting programmes and pest eradication to help protect our carbon sink (native bush) areas.

As surveyors we have a passion for the outdoors; tramping, boating and the environment and we all want to see our children living in a better world in the future. We will strive to do what we can to that end.

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