What is surveying?
This University of Otago article gives a clear definition:

Who are LINZ?
Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) holds authoritative information about land surveys and ownership, topographic maps and nautical charts.

I am about to build a house, or renovate, what survey do I need and how long will it take?
An Architectural Site Survey will put the right information on the table so your architect can concentrate on his/her job, designing for you, and when it comes to construction you can relax knowing that your new building will comply with Councils rules. The field work will normally take 1-2 days of site work and another 1-2 days of processing.  Read More.

I want to build a fence, how do I find my boundaries?
Only a Registered Professional Surveyor can reliably locate and re-peg your boundaries.

I am fencing my boundary do I have to get the pegs located by a surveyor?
It is prudent to have your boundaries pegged before fencing, it can save on later disputes with your neighbours or future neighbours…remember the adage ‘measure twice and cut once’.

I have found my pegs – can I rely on them?
The only way to ensure your pegs are reliable is to have them checked by a Registered Professional Surveyor, it is very common for pegs to have been moved or incorrectly identified.

Do I have to fence my boundary?
You should seek legal advice with respect to this issue.

How do I subdivide my land?
The first step is to discuss your requirements with a Registered Professional Surveyor, please contact our team and allow us to help you achieve your required outcomes.  Read More.

What is a limited title?
All title to land in New Zealand is guaranteed by the government however on some old titles the government has limited the guarantee. Generally this limitation is “as to Parcels” meaning the area and boundary position of the property is unknown. A removal of limitations survey will remove this limitation on the governments guarantee by surveying the property and lodging plans with LINZ. Read More.

What is a crosslease title?
Crosslease titles are based on undivided ownership of the underlying land and then reciprocal leases (crossleases) between the parties for the area that the buildings occupy. Exclusive use covenant areas are also utilised to define those areas that can be used by one or other party or jointly (common areas). Read More.

I have a crosslease title – can I convert it to freehold?
For most properties this is a viable option as long as all landowners are in agreement, please feel free to discuss your requirements with our team. Read More.

What does ‘Limited as to Parcels’ mean?
This means your property has never been properly surveyed. In order to place pegs on the boundaries a removal of limitation survey is required to be carried out and plans, calculations and reports need to be lodged with Land Information New Zealand. It may take two to three months to complete this process.  Read More.

Do you use GPS?
Yes, when this incredibly good tool can be used effectively we do, BCL Surveyors own Leica Viva GNSS (Global Navigation Satelite System) equipment for fantastic productivity and rock solid accuracy.

Will you use GPS on my job?
GPS is a great tool in the right conditions (few trees, buildings and other obstructions between the GPS unit and the satellites). When the conditions are not favourable it is a poor choice of tool. Our expert surveyors will choose the right ‘state of the art’ equipment and methodology to ensure your survey is carried out in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

The American GNSS (Global Navigation Satelite System) is called GPS, the Russian system is called Glonass. The Europeans are developing Galileo and the Japanese, Chinese and Indians are all developing GNSS. Our Leica Viva system will be compatable with all of these systems meaning more accuracy and more productivity.

Do your surveyors need to come inside at all?
No, there is no need for our surveyors to enter your home or for you to be home, as long as there are no locked gates or loose dogs.

Are your surveyors trustworthy?
Our survey teams are all very reliable and trust worthy, they are all really very good people.Read More About Us.

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