It is important to locate the exact position of your legal boundaries before construction a new fence, existing fences and pegs may not be in the correct legal position. Only a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor has the skills required to ensure that your new fence is correctly located. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team to book your redefinition survey as below.

Pegging/Redefinition Survey
Our survey team will redefine your section by pegging the corners of the site. Pegs can also be placed along the line of any boundary or offset from any boundary line if required. Talk to our surveyors to discuss your specific requirements.

Removal of Limitations Survey
If your title is limited as to parcels a removal of this limitation is required before boundary positions can be confirmed. This type of survey requires a high level of specialist knowledge of the cadastral system. After consideration of all relevant spatial evidence the position of the boundaries is determined and lodged for approval (and issue of new title) with Land Information New Zealand.

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