BCL Surveyors has the expertise to help you through this very complex process. Our team will; provide expert advice, minimise risks, minimise expense whilst maximising your property’s potential. We understand the old maxim that time is money and will endeavour to push your subdivision through the process in a timely manner.

Services that may be required are described below however please contact our team to discuss your project.

When land is being divided the process is called subdivision. This process will involve a number of different types of surveys including a Land Transfer survey. It may also involve other professionals such as engineers, arborists and architects. Consent from Council is required for a subdivision.

Subdivision Feasibility Study
A study of relevant information is carried out to determine the feasibility of subdivision of a property. A report will be prepared outlining relevant issues and constraints.

Topographical Survey
This is a survey of the features and contour of a site, typically we would produce a plan showing trees, driplines, houses, services, spot heights, contours, legal boundaries.

GPS Survey
GPS or global positioning system is a survey measurement tool that utilises radio signals from orbiting satellites to obtain 3D positions. BCL Surveyors utilise Leica survey grade GPS systems when appropriate.

Land Transfer Survey
This involves the pegging of the boundaries and producing various reports, calculations and plans that make up the Cadastral Survey Dataset. This work must be to LINZ e-survey standards and can only be carried out by Licensed Cadastral Surveyors.

Unit Title Survey
Unit Titles are a form of subdivision governed by the Unit Titles Act. Surveys of the completed buildings are undertaken to produce the Unit Title plans that define the entitlements.

Cross Lease Survey
Common during the 1980s these types of subdivisions are now rarely undertaken.

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