BCL Surveyors has attained preferred supplier status with Auckland City Council for supply of high definition topographical surveys. BCL Surveyors carry out asset capture asbuilt work in the North Shore City including the production of NAS asbuilt drawings. BCL Surveyors have also successfully completed asset capture surveys in Pukekohe and Rotorua.

We utilise Leica wide area RTK GPS systems when appropriate to ensure the accuracy and reliability of spatial information. We have skills in spatial data processing and a high level of knowledge of geodetic systems, geoids, ellipsoids and mapping projections.

The following services are typically undertaken for Local Authorities. Contact our team for a trusted solution.

Topographical/Architectural Site Survey
This is a high definition survey of the features and contour of a site, typically we would produce a plan showing trees, driplines, houses, neighbouring buildings, services, spot heights, contours, legal boundaries etc.

Some of the town planning and surveying services that we provide are described below.

Town Planners are critical to the land surveying process  and Envivo also caters for all facets of surveys and town planning with our engineering department


GPS Survey
GPS or global positioning system is a survey measurement tool that utilises radio signals from orbiting satellites to obtain 3D positions. BCL Surveyors utilise Leica survey grade GPS systems when appropriate.

Asbuilt Survey
An asbuilt survey captures the 3D position and description of infrastructure and structures after (or during) construction. Plans and digital information is prepared to Council standards.

Asset Capture Survey
Involves the capture of 3D position and metadata for GIS and record purposes, this type of survey is commonly carried out for organisations that manage large infrastructure such as councils and utility providers.

Boundary Relocation/Adjustment Survey
When moving the boundary between neighbouring properties a simplified subdivision process is followed to legalise the boundary adjustment.

Pegging/Redefinition Survey
Our survey team will redefine your section by pegging the corners of the site. Pegs can also be placed along the line of any boundary or offset from any boundary line if required. Talk to our surveyors to discuss your specific requirements.

Deformation and Movement Monitoring
High precision measurement instruments are used to detect very small movements and deformation in structures and landforms.

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