We pride ourselves on the industry leading plans and digital information that we produce; they are simply the best and much appreciated by those professionals that insist on BCL Surveyors at the very start of each project. What is additional work for most is standard for us. All of our surveys are of the very best quality our standard list of features surveyed is second to none. We are able to achieve our high standards but remain very competitive on price due to our highly trained staff utilising the very best state of the art equipment and software to create an information stream from your site to the cad table.



  • Resource consent applications – land use, subdivision, coastal permits, discharge consents
  • Resolution of resource management compliance and enforcement matters
  • Assessment of environmental effects
  • Due diligence investigations, Reporting on specific sites
  • Strategic development advice
  • Expert planning evidence
  • Plan changes, planning reports
  • Submissions on the Auckland Unitary Plan
  • Regional consents – discharge consents for communal water disposal schemes, communal water supplies, sediment control and works in water course consents


Architectural Site Survey
This is a high definition survey of the features and contour of a site. Typically we would produce a plan showing trees, driplines, houses, neighbouring buildings, services, spot heights, contours, legal boundaries etc.

Topographical Survey
This is a survey of the features and contour of a site. Typically we would produce a plan showing trees, driplines, houses, services, spot heights, contours, legal boundaries. Read More.

GPS Survey
GPS or global positioning system is a survey measurement tool that utilises radio signals from orbiting satellites to obtain 3D positions. BCL Surveyors own survey grade Leica Viva GNSS systems, these systems now work with Glonass (Russian) satelites as well as the American GPS, the total system is now called GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems). Project example Read More.

Asbuilt Survey
An asbuilt survey captures the 3D position and description of infrastructure and structures after (or during) construction. Plans and digital information is prepared to Council standards. Project Example Read More.

Asset Capture Survey
Involves the capture of 3D position and metadata for GIS and record purposes, this type of survey is commonly carried out for organisations that manage large infrastructure such as councils and utility providers.

When land is being divided the process is called subdivision. This process will involve a number of different types of surveys including a Land Transfer survey. It may also involve other professionals such as engineers, arborists and architects. Consent from Council is required for a subdivision. For more information click here for an example of a 4-unit subdivision click here.

Subdivision Feasibility Study
A study of relevant information is carried out to determine the feasibility of subdivision of a property. A report will be prepared outlining relevant issues and constraints. Read More.

Land Transfer Survey
This involves the pegging of the boundaries and producing various reports, calculations and plans that make up the Cadastral Survey Dataset. This work must be to LINZ e-survey standards and can only be carried out by Licensed Cadastral Surveyors. Project Example Read More.

Unit Title Survey
Unit Titles are a form of subdivision governed by the Unit Titles Act, surveys of the completed buildings are undertaken to produce the Unit Title plans that define the entitlements.

Cross Lease Survey
Common during the eighties these types of subdivisions are now rarely undertaken.

Cross Lease Conversion to Freehold
This involves a subdivision of the property to create freehold titles. Is your cross lease title deficient? Read More

Cross Lease Update/Rectification Survey
Cross Lease restrictive covenant and lease areas are usually defined by buildings footprints, if the building footprint changes then a update or rectification survey is required to update the cross lease areas.

Boundary Relocation/Adjustment Survey
When moving the boundary between neighbouring properties a simplified subdivision process is followed to legalise the boundary adjustment. It’s also a very good idea to check the boundaries of land before you buy, Read More.

Removal of Limitations Survey
If your title is limited as to parcels a removal of this limitation is required before boundary positions can be confirmed. This type of survey requires a high level of specialist knowledge of the cadastral system. After consideration of all relevant spatial evidence the position of the boundaries is determined and lodged for approval (and issue of new title) with Land Information New Zealand. Read More.

Pegging/Redefinition Survey
Our survey team will redefine your section by pegging the corners of the site. Pegs can also be placed along the line of any boundary or offset from any boundary line if required. Talk to our surveyors to discuss your specific requirements. Read More.

Height to boundary checks and Certification
Councils often require a Registered Professional Surveyor to check that buildings comply with their height to boundary, maximum height and yard requirements, a certification is issued if possible upon completion of this type of survey. Project Example Read More.

Construction Setout Survey
This type of survey involves visiting the site and accurately marking the position of buildings or other items in terms of the legal boundaries. A certificate may be produced to satisfy Council. Project Example Read More.

Earthworks Volumes Calculations
Surveys of the ground form are carried out before during and after earthworks, software is utilised to accurately calculate earthworks volumes. Read More.

Deformation and Movement Monitoring
High precision measurement instruments are used to detect very small movements and deformation in structures and landforms. Project example Read More.

Building BOMA/Rentable Area Survey
A highly accurate survey of buildings is carried out to determine the rentable area, this work is carried out in accordance with the BOMA guidelines. Read More.

Resource Consents
We can prepare and obtain subdivision consents, landuse consents, engineering approvals, drainage building consents, right of way consents, We also do observation of engineering consents. Read More.

Town Planning
Our team handle new dwelling and subdivision consents including landuse consents for compliance, height to boundary, privacy, coverage etc. Subdivision design and consenting including integrated developments. We can manage the whole process from start to finish. Read More.


Invoicing is carried out at or near the end of each survey and payment is expected within 7 days.
We accept payments by direct credit, cheque or cash.
Bank account details and GST details are shown on the invoice.

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