The equipment employed by BCL Surveyors is all highly specialised survey accurate equipment. We rely on and trust the Swiss made Leica brand equipment.  We have the latest robotic total stations, GPS (GNSS) and 3D Laser Scanning equipment providing high accuracy, fast and efficient data capture and results. This is simply the best available and has a long history of providing high quality instruments to the survey industry.

Software is also a key part of the survey process, BCL Surveyors utilise 12D software to ensure the integrity of information is maintained throughout the processing phase. 12D software has been developed specifically for the needs of the New Zealand survey industry and our early involvement with the 12D team has allowed us to customise the software to our specific needs. AutoCAD is used as a draughting package and allows us to produce plans that reflect the quality of the underlying information.  We can provide both traditional asbuilt plans including CAD files and asset registers as well as modern, fully-rendered three-dimensional models.

Equipment and software however are only part of the successful survey equation and it is the role of our highly trained staff to ensure that the appropriate processes and techniques are employed on your project to achieve the required results.

Our surveyors work to strict and robust in-house quality assurance standards. We stand by our work and can provide measurable evidence that our deliverables meet the required accuracy and quality standards for your project. Because all of our Survey Technicians hold appropriate qualifications and because all survey data is checked for quality by one of our Licensed Cadastral Surveyors, our clients can be certain that they are receiving quality data that will stand up to scrutiny.

The combination of our state of the art software and equipment, highly trained surveyors and processes that minimise risk and maximise quality allow BCL Surveyors to deliver surveys of the highest quality that will generally far exceed our clients requirements.  Read more about our projects.

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